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Excellent OpEd – An Unwelcome Christmas Gift

The Methow Valley News Online has an excellent OpEd piece titled “An Unwelcome Christmas Gift” which echoes the thoughts of the original Anthony D. Romero piece.  It features some history on Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and how, despite the automatic assumptions associated with being a Democrat (for example, she supported many Republican-backed efforts like the Patriot Act), she was uniquely positioned to push for the report to be shared with the world.

The OpEd’s piece has many choice statements, but the one on accountability hits hardest:

It’s a sign of the profoundly delusional CIA culture that some former CIA officials have the gall to publicly argue that the torture, though bought and paid for by the CIA with taxpayers’ money, took place “outside” CIA purview. This is the defense of those bereft of the most rudimentary concept of accountability.

Which is exactly why the report needed to be published.